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Lørdag 10. mars kl. 20:00

All Genius All Idiot

med Svalbard Company

Ta vel i mot en internasjonal suksess, en av årets spesialbookinger på Drammens Teater. 

Svalbard Company er en ny-sirkusgruppe som består av 4 unge internasjonale utøvere som briljerer på høyt nivå i ulike unike og spektakulære sirkusdisipliner. En ekstraordinær og fantastisk oppsetning som fabulerer over grensene mellom menneskelig instinkt og intellekt. Hva gjør oss til idioter og hva gjør oss til genier? 

Lengde: 70 minutter. Dørene åpner ca 10-15 minutter før. Artister vil være på scenen ved innslipp. 

“You don’t know if you can trust them, nor where characterisation stops and the performers’ egos take over. Still, I have no regrets being in the company of such defiantly skilful, invigorating provocateurs. Svalbard, whose members met while training in Sweden, could be a cult. Remnants of their show may well be still lurking in my subconscious.”
Donald Hutera – The Times, August 2017
Full review: edinburgh-mcfpnxrv7

“The company really explores what it is to recognise the animal inside us and to nurture it into a wild beast. The performance is breath-taking in its freedom, even in the circus world – and so much fun. It is absurd only because they want it to be, and because it suits them; there is nothing false about this.” ..... “Whatever you expect, it’s weirder and more wonderful. Come with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.”
Imogen Rowe – Edinburgh Guide, August 2017
Full review:

"The quality of talent is surreal and it's refreshing to see a circus show that isn't focused just on the spectacle. The title summarises the play perfectly: it is incredibly idiotic, but certainly genius. It's tribal, sleazy, sensual and raw, and looks dangerous, which is just what we want."
Alistair Wilkinson – Broadway World, August 2017
Full review: ALL-IDIOT-Assembly-Roxy-20170826


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